Not About Air

The book is a true story providing surprise vindication of a famous hero who continues to be unjustly punished.  It is about mystery solved, controversy ended, conspiracy, hypocrisy, lying, prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, weasel words, fake science from merchants of doubt and death, a massive puzzle, failure of the press to seek and report instead of just repeat.

It is a crime gone wrong in classic detective-story fashion, where the villain, at the last possible minute, needlessly and accidentally reveals tiny pieces of information that are the key missing breadcrumbs in his trail of deceit.  It  true-life detective work by a concerned citizen.

The scandal hinged on hiding things that happened were people get undressed.

It’s a story of strange twists that went unnoticed.

It will be national news again as soon as somebody credible and famous says it’s true.

It’s a chicken/egg situation waiting to hatch.  It becomes newsworthy as soon as someone important says it is.

It is about people’s deceit, rather than nothing, just as Seinfeld was not actually “a show about nothing”

To call it a story about the air would be like saying that air travel is really about paying to be crammed into a tin can that may crash and burn while your luggage ends up in Pittsburgh.  If the story were really about the air, it wouldn’t have been national news off and on for months and a continuing controversy.


The last thing anyone needs is another story about deflated footballs.  This is the exact opposite of that.  It’s about all the things above, and about fully inflated footballs too.

It is “Catching the Accusers.”