Open letter to Robert Kraft. Delivery receipt requested.

( Link to home page:  leading in particular the material that Robert Blecker referenced in his wbur op-en piece)

As far as I know, Robert Kraft has not seen this.  Any help getting it delivered and confirming that he read it would be greatly appreciated!

Letter as of 8/31/2015.

Robert Kraft, owner New England Patriot

Re: How to exonerate Patriots and restore draft picks

Mr. Kraft,

Thank you for making the Patriots a success.

When you accepted the punishment, I believe you recognized that you were in an unwinnable battle of perceptions with the other owners, so you elected to face that reality and move on.  Perhaps you were keeping your powder dry for round two when cooler heads could prevail.  This letter should help with that.

The League was even more unfair than you imagined.   Exponent went beyond the customary bias, spin, and cherry picking of assumptions.  Exponent deceived people about what they had actually simulated and used that to support a conclusion they knew was wrong.

The good news: the problem is simple to show and explain.  The Exponent simulation had balls freely exposed to air to warm up quickly, whereas on game day the balls had remained in a bag, staying cooler.  If you adjust Exponent’s data to reflect the slower warming, their data predicts the pressure that Patriots’ footballs actually had.

All the rest of the Exponent issues are irrelevant because the bottom line is that any reasonable interpretation of their simulation data shows that the Patriots could not have removed measurable air from the footballs.

Folks seem resistant to accepting that Exponent knowingly didn’t simulate what they knew was vitally important.   The proof of it is in the Exponent report if you know where to look.

A “Cognoscenti” op-ed story “DeflateGate, And The Patriots’ False Appearance Of Guilt went on the website 8/31/2015.  The most useful part for proving innocence is this:  “ignoring the fact that the Patriots balls were measured one by one while the remainder of the balls were kept together, cold and wet in an insulated bag that retarded their pressure rise.”  That hyperlink

That link takes you to simple graphics to explain the situation.   It also provides proof in medium and very full detail formats.  It even has the questions to ask Exponent that could have won the appeal by backing Goodell into a position that he knew no court would defend.  This should provide you a practical means to change the minds that matter and get your draft picks back.

Much personal sacrifice went into the work there, as well as into the testing by Mike Greenway that showed that footballs warm dramatically slower in a bag.

Please let me know that you have received this information and provide a least some feedback so that Mike and I can know that we’ve gotten this information to the person most able to take advantage of it.


Robert Young