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Most Americans think the Patriots cheated by deflating footballs. ┬áThe $100 million scandal is how and why that’s still the case. The NFL had 100% proof of 0% deflation and of no Patriots’ conspiracy, but hid it, until it leaked out unexpectedly, in ways that took detective work to uncover. Hidden NFL data backed up the witness testimony that the NFL dismissed to appease the other owners and he public. A 300 page, meticulously researched and documented book nails down how it all came about and shows so much more NFL wrongdoing than anyone would have imagined.

The challenge is get scientific peer review of the book, and get all major news organizations to concur that the proof is indeed that certain, and to push the point such that it becomes less painful for the NFL to apologize and return the draft picks than it is to suffer continued pressure and ridicule. If enough people vouch for it and network to reach enough influential people, the light of justice can shine.

Consider joining the Facebook “undeflated” group and providing tips and ideas there, and “liking” the Facebook CatchingTheAccusers page and share ideas there.

To not merely believe the outrage but truly know it, read the book. Write a review on amazon and convince others to check it out and get involved. Previous groups and petitions seem to have gotten only a few hundred followers. Tens of thousands are needed to catch the press’s attention that this is “a thing” that needs to be reported.