Better Dialogue #DeflateGate Videos

(Please excuse imperfect production quality of video – -time/skill was limited).

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Proof in the amicus brief proven to far higher precision, with better graphics also, then what is in the video.  Still, the basic concept in the video is exactly the issue.

NFL/Exponent data vindicates Patriots (balls warm slower in a bag) r1 (

Please help #FreeTomBrady (or punish NFL misdeads) by getting this information “out of the bag” for all to see.
Video shows how you can prove from NFL/Exponent’s data that in Exponent’s simulation, what they did was identical to taking the balls out of the bag to warm faster, even though Exponent documented that on game-day the balls were kept in a bag on the floor and removed one by one as they were measured. Re-reading Exponents time-scale to adjust for slower warming vindicates the Patriots. The video also shows Exponent knew their “reasons” disbelieving the ref (about which gauge he used) were senseless.

Supporting docs: see draft Amicus Brief for the Court.
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